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United States Bullet Proofing (USBP) offers the commitment, expertise, and innovation that has earned us a reputation as an industry pioneer.

United States Bullet Proofing, offers one of the largest product lines of Ballistic, Blast Storm Impact and Forced Entry Resistant Security doors, curtain wall and storefront windows and wall armor. Our unique product designs have been developed to compliment today’s architectural doors and windows and are popularly used in buildings, safe rooms, and guard booths. Our products can be designed to provide simultaneous protection from ballistics, blast, storm impact and forced entry so your facility is protected from all threats. Countless clients around the world depend on our experience as one of the leading manufacturers for complete bullet proof window and bullet proof door to keep their people, property, and assets safe.

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Bullet Resistant Products

United States Bullet Proofing, Inc. is proud to supply the industry with the most advanced bullet resistant, blast, storm impact and forced entry high security products.

United States Bullet Proofing was founded through sheer will and determination of a few people who believed that they could offer the very best quality and features in the business at the most competitive price. Our job as manufacturers of bullet proof windows and bullet proof doors is Protecting People and Property®, and we take that responsibility very seriously as evident in the quality products we manufacture. Our products are in use around the world protecting officials in the highest levels of government and industry. Products offered by United States Bullet Proofing include bullet proof windows, including bullet proof curtain wall and bullet proof storefront windows, blast windows, bullet proof doors, blast resistant doors, forced entry protection,storm impact windows and doors, security glazing products, and bullet resistant transaction systems.


In addition to the most advanced bullet proof windows on the market, our products also boasts extensive expertise needed to protect our customers’ properties. For example, we can perform a computerized analysis of a specific product application to ensure we can meet a client’s specifications. Once a product is selected, we can recommend glazing contractors with the capabilities to install high-security bullet proof windows, doors, and wall systems.

Customers in the Mid-Atlantic region can benefit from our proximity to the Metropolitan Washington, D.C., area. Our close proximity allows our customers to also save a significant amount in the cost of shipping.


Because our offerings are among the most advanced and extensive protection in the industry, you can find our products in a wide range of properties around the world. Our bullet proof windows, are often the first line of defense in government buildings, schools, military and law enforcement facilities and offices. Our customers include the United States federal, state and municipal government,  embassies, commercial property owners, and more. They trust our expertise because no other bullet proof manufacturers have the capabilities and commitment to quality that we do.


USBP offers a wide range of solutions to provide high level protection from one, multiple or all threat types simultaneously.


Ballistic protection level ratings are based on the number of rounds and the size of the weapon(s) posing a threat – from small caliber handguns to high caliber rifles. High caliber, high velocity weapons fire projectiles that deliver a large amount of energy to a door, window or wall system. We have solutions available to meet and/or exceed from all levels of ballistics fire power from Levels 1-8 per the UL 752 standard.


Blast protection must be considered in design when a facility is a potential target or when a building is located in the vicinity of a potential target. The blast from an explosion does not discriminate and will expand radially from its point of origin until it encounters a solid structure, such as a wall with windows and doors.


Storm impact windows and doors engineered to withstand the damage from hurricanes and tornadoes with wind speeds of up to 250 mph. Our products are tested to FEMA 361 and ICC 500 to ensure your project qualifies for funding and to ensure you are protected from the most severe weather events.


Forced entry is the attempted penetration of a door, window and walls using a wide variety of tools. These tools may include, but are not limited to sledge hammers, pry bars, wood splitting mauls, fire axes, battering rams, gasoline, acetone, propane torches and CO fire extinguishers.


We stand apart from other manufacturers because we bring a combination of commitment, expertise, and innovation to every project. Our in-house engineering experience is virtually unmatched in the industry. Our engineers, AutoCad operators, and master craftspeople are devoted to designing and manufacturing products that fit the specific security needs of our clients and we are one of the few global companies that are certified by the Department of State to supply for high level security projects around the world.

Since our founding in 1988, U.S. Bullet Proofing has continued to grow organically as the demand for high-security solutions becomes increasingly important. We are proud to be the first choicefor numerous entities and institutions that are concerned with protecting the public and their employees. The attention to detail we put into every one of our products is a major factor in our success and we are certain that we have the capabilities to meet our customers’ specifications no matter what they are. When lives are at risk, there should be no compromising. Our moto is Protecting People and Property®

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