Commercial Security Doors & Windows

Given that they are open to the public, commercial properties such as retailers, banks and more have an added responsibility to keep people safe. The wide range of threats that these buildings may face means they need a full-spectrum solution that can protect against ballistics as well as explosions and forced entry attempts.

Fortunately, U.S. Bullet Proofing has the expertise to create commercial security windows and glass security doors for businesses that deliver superior performance against these types of attacks. Our in-house engineering and manufacturing capabilities give us the ability to ensure that our products live up to the highest standards in the world.

How Our Protection Benefits Your Business

Our commercial glass security doors and windows can do a lot for your property. Here are some of the many reasons it is a good idea to install our retail window security solutions at your business:

  1. They are unobtrusive.
    If you think glass that can resist bullets, blasts and brute force has to look like armor to be effective, think again. Our products are designed and engineered to fit in with today’s architectural doors and windows. This means not only can they help keep employees and guests safe from external threats, but they can also help enhance the appearance of your building or storefront. This is important for many businesses that depend on curb appeal to attract new customers.
  2. They save you money.
    Although the price of installing commercial security doors and windows might seem extravagant, it is an investment. With your people and assets protected by these solutions, you can deter break-ins and extreme property damage that would end up costing you much more in the long run. Our security solutions may also help you save money on active security measures such as cameras, guards and alarm systems, depending on your needs.