Bullet Proof Glass For Government Buildings

Government properties have an enormous responsibility to keep employees and civilians safe from external threats. This is why so many entities have put their trust in U.S. Bullet Proofing to provide bullet proof glass for government properties, as well as other solutions. Our products enhance government building security, guarding against armed attackers as well as preventing intruders from breaking into the property.

Our bullet proofing products can provide protection against several potential threat vectors, including forced entry, blasts explosions or even severe weather impacts. Our engineers are well-versed in the highest standards of ballistic and blast protection, ensuring that whatever we make will be the most robust product in its category. Thanks to our extensive expertise and eye for detail, we can provide glazing that provides the ultimate levels of security to keep high-risk properties such as these and the people within them safe. No matter what type of external threat they may face, our lineup of products is engineered to withstand them and give employees and guests the critical seconds they need to react.

For example, our USAW windows are strong enough to resist threats and come in several sizes and configurations to match the requirements of your building. The USAW 400 Series bullet proof window is a strong example of the level of protection we provide. These meet all Department of Defense and GSA blast requirements, as certified by an independent testing facility. This means they offer superior resistance to numerous types of threats, both manmade and natural. We also offer thermally broken aluminum frames that provide higher degrees of energy efficiency than windows provided by our competitors. The level of security our bullet proof windows for government properties deliver is virtually unmatched and goes a long way toward keeping employees and guests safe.

We also supply protective doors and wall armor. Government buildings of all types have taken advantage of the security provided by our range of bullet proof doors to ensure maximum levels of protection for those inside the property. Made from the same ballistic glass as our window products, these serve to prevent break-ins as well as shielding occupants from gunfire and explosions. They can be configured for use as swinging or sliding doors and can be custom-fitted with a wide range of glass and hardware options to fit a particular structure’s needs.

U.S. Bullet Proofing’s commitment to quality and security means we have completed successful projects for a wide range of government buildings. Examples of our products can be found in prominent facilities including the White House, the Pentagon, The Eisenhower Executive Office Building and the United States Department of Transportation. We have supplied bullet resistant windows, doors and transaction drawers to these properties as well as more government buildings throughout the country. We leverage our decades of experience and proven processes to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations in every regard. Follow the links to learn more about our work for the public sector.

There is a reason U.S. Bullet Proofing has earned a reputation as a leader in the industry. In everything we do, we provide expertise, commitment and innovation to help our customers meet their needs. We supply to the highest levels of the federal government and embassy projects around the world. We take pride in the attention to detail we pay to every aspect of what we make. We have a dedicated team of in-house engineers and designers who ensure that every product we provide for our customers is built to the highest standards and will perform exactly as required. Our job is Protecting People and Property®, and we take that very seriously. We look forward to helping you with your next security project. To learn more about everything we have to offer and how we can benefit your property, reach out and speak with one of our representatives today.