Armored Military Bulletproof Glass

U.S. Bullet Proofing helps protect America’s armed forces with military bulletproof glass in their windows and doors that can withstand a wide range of attacks. These armored glass solutions provide a highly protective barrier between personnel and the many threats that can arise at their military bases.

Our solutions specialize in their ability to provide ballistic and blast protection simultaneously. These not only protect against ballistics, but also explosives and forced-entry attempts involving physical force. They provide the best security, even against multiple strikes at close range. This is why our products can be found in government offices, embassies, banks and many other high-security environments where protecting people and property is of the utmost importance.

Engineered for Success

We’re committed to driving continuous innovation in the industry. Our country’s operational forces have security needs that are always evolving, and we have the engineering to deliver bulletproof windows and doors that can stand up to whatever they may face. They are also designed which robust aluminum extrusions to balance a lightweight design with high security protection. This allows our product lines to complement today’s architectural doors and windows both aesthetically and from an energy efficiency standpoint with thermally broken window frames.

Our unique designs are developed by our in-house team and manufactured by us to provide the highest levels of performance across all applications. We take pride in the outstanding attention to detail that goes into all of our products, which are tested to today’s national design standards.

Comprehensive Security Solutions

The bullet-resistant military glass productswe deliver provide critical protection for people and assets in some of the most sensitive properties in the world. Their ability to absorb multiple rounds of ballistic fire gives those inside targeted buildings crucial moments to react and find safety until the threat can be neutralized. This is the reason why our offerings are found in various facilities including military bases, police stations , guard booths, hospitals, and even schools. These properties face elevated levels of risk due to their status as high-value targets, and having the added security of ballistic glass ensures those inside remain protected.

Our lineup of products for military applications meet the highest standards of quality and security. We offer solutionsthat are tested to meet the U.S. Department of State’s Forced Entry Requirements, which include some of the most stringent and robust testing parameters for physical security solutions, meaning they are suited for use in embassies and other government facilities that require higher levels of protection. We take pride in our ability to offer bullet proof windows and bullet proof doors that live up to these specifications. The fact that examples of our work can be found in so many applications speaks to their ability to protect people and property.

Why Work With Us?

Our company was founded in 1991 by people who believed they could be the best in the industry by offering the ultimate answer in security. Through sheer will, determination, experience and know-how, we have developed a strong reputation for being the best in the business, as evidenced by the numerous institutions that depend on us for their armored glass needs.

We take our responsibility for protecting people and property very seriously, and we’re confident that it shows in everything we produce. At the highest levels of government and industry around the world, our clients count on us to keep their personnel and assets safe from the dangers presented to them.

To learn more about what we have to offer, contact us today for information or to request a free consultation.