7 Reasons To Install Bullet Proof Glass

Gun violence is an unfortunate reality of today’s society.  Whether you own or manage a bank, retail store, gas station, school, house of worship, government building or hospital, it is necessary that all property owners and administrators understand the many ways that the application of bullet proof glass can benefit your facility and its occupants.

Here are the top seven reasons building owners should use bullet proof glass to protect their properties:

  1. It’s a deterrent. It is much harder to break into a business that has bullet proof glass. Many criminals want to get in and out quickly without wasting time dealing with difficult obstacles. One of the primary uses of bullet proof glass is as a deterrent: Make criminals think twice before attempting to break into your facility.
  2. It’s increasingly necessary. There were 13,620 homicides by firearm in the United States in 2020[DM1] [BH2] . Additionally, the Gun Violence Archive notes that annual mass shootings have nearly doubled in recent years, going from 336 in 2018 to 647 in 2022[DM3] [BH4] . Faced with these facts, it’s important take necessary protective measures, such as installing bullet proof glass.
  3. It slows criminals down. If your building is targeted, the attackers will have to spend time circumventing bullet proof glass. That will buy time for occupants to evacuate, seek cover or protect themselves, and give law enforcement time to respond. Depending on the glass product’s ballistic resistance, it can be effective against explosions and forced entry, as well.
  4. It protects people. The areas where people interface with the public are where they are most vulnerable. Some uses of bullet proof glass include box office and teller windows, reception desks, cashier stations, medication dispensing points, government clerk counters and more. These locations can benefit from bullet proof glass by allowing personnel to interact with the public without feeling threatened.
  5. It protects operations and assets. Bullet proof glass can help keep your assets safe and keep operations running smoothly. If your business is attacked, the application of bullet proof glass is more likely to protect your merchandise and infrastructure — including computers, cash registers and more — from being damaged or stolen.
  6. It provides peace of mind. Any facility owner or manager will feel better knowing their people and property are protected even if the owner or manager is not present. More important, employees who don’t fear for their safety are more likely to a) show up, and b) be more productive when they’re on site. Any institution is better off with healthy personnel, and that includes mental health. A sense of well-being is integral to a healthy organization or institution.
  7. It decreases turnover. This might be easy to overlook, but an employee who sees their employer making substantial investments in safety and security is more likely to feel valued, more likely to remain loyal and less likely to quit. In this sense, adding bullet proof glass is not only the right thing to do, but it is the smart thing to do.

Questions? Talk to U.S. Bullet Proofing

What is bullet proof glass used for? We’ve outlined just some of the many reasons this type of protection — especially in specific business and institutional settings — is necessary. Contact U.S. Bullet Proofing for answers for questions you have and solutions you can count on.


 [BH2]Can we place footnotes when the piece is posted on the website for all statistics so the references (with website links) are provided at the bottom of the article please?


 [BH4]Can we place footnotes when the piece is posted on the website for all statistics so the references (with website links) are provided at the bottom of the article please?