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How To Clean Bulletproof Glass Properly

If you have bullet resistant windows or doors on your property, you should know how to clean bullet proof glass, so you’ll get the best performance from them. Because these security measures are responsible for keeping your people and properties safe, they should be treated properly to prevent wear and tear that could hurt their […]

The History Of Bulletproof Glass

Bullet-resistant glass often is one of the most important elements when it comes to securing high-risk properties such as banks, embassies and military installations. However, this hasn’t always been the case. Although its roots date back centuries, ballistic glass as it is known today is a relatively recent invention. From the earliest days as a […]

Does Impenetrable Glass Exist? Exploring Levels Of Ballistic Protection

Despite what you may have heard, there’s no such thing as “unbreakable” or “impenetrable” glass. Advancements in materials and manufacturing techniques have made glazing more durable and resilient, but the truth remains that any window or glass door can be shattered under enough force. However, that doesn’t mean it can’t offer any protection at all. […]

Bullet Proof School Safety Best Practices

Schools should be sanctuaries where students only need be concerned with their education. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. School buildings have become some of the most frequent targets for mass violence, making security one of the highest priorities for educators. Creating a safe environment for learning requires numerous approaches, from strict protocols for […]

Proper Bullet Resistant Glass Installation

Bullet resistant windows are a great way to protect people and property from external threats. They can’t provide the highest levels of protection, however, unless they are installed properly according to the manufacturer’s specifications. Bulletproof windows are designed using many of the proven techniques that have been incorporated into the most effective commercial curtain wall […]

How Does Bullet Proof Glass Work?

An essential element of securing buildings is protecting them against ballistic threats, which is why most high-risk properties place bullet proof windows and doors at the top of their checklists. It should be noted, however, that when most people talk about bullet proof glass, they’re actually describing bullet resistant glass. This is because the nature […]

7 Reasons To Install Bullet Proof Glass

Gun violence is an unfortunate reality of today’s society.  Whether you own or manage a bank, retail store, gas station, school, house of worship, government building or hospital, it is necessary that all property owners and administrators understand the many ways that the application of bullet proof glass can benefit your facility and its occupants. […]

Bullet Proof Glass For Convenience Store Security

Convenience stores aren’t convenient only for shoppers looking to quickly pick up a few things. Like gas stations, convenience stores are high-traffic, easy-in, easy-out establishments. Both gas stations and convenience stores tend to be staffed by few employees, open at odd hours and maintain operations that are still largely cash-based while being stocked with easily […]

Benefits Of Bullet Proof Steel, Aluminum & Wood For Security

When it comes to keeping your facility safe from external threats, you have a lot of choices to make. You have to decide which dangers are the most pressing at your location, what level of protection you need, how you’ll secure your property and how aesthetics will play a role in the appropriate solutions for […]

Bullet Proof Government Security Products to Keep Our Representatives Safe

No matter your point of view, it can be easily and convincingly argued that our government institutions, both physical and ideological, are increasingly subject to attack in this polarized era. It is especially important to protect the physical spaces and personnel that allow our society’s fundamental business, at every level, to be conducted unimpeded. When […]