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Bullet Proof Glass For Convenience Store Security

Convenience stores aren’t convenient only for shoppers looking to quickly pick up a few things. Like gas stations, convenience stores are high-traffic, easy-in, easy-out establishments. Both gas stations and convenience stores tend to be staffed by few employees, open at odd hours and maintain operations that are still largely cash-based while being stocked with easily […]

Benefits Of Bullet Proof Steel, Aluminum & Wood For Security

When it comes to keeping your facility safe from external threats, you have a lot of choices to make. You have to decide which dangers are the most pressing at your location, what level of protection you need, how you’ll secure your property and how aesthetics will play a role in the appropriate solutions for […]

Bullet Proof Government Security Products to Keep Our Representatives Safe

No matter your point of view, it can be easily and convincingly argued that our government institutions, both physical and ideological, are increasingly subject to attack in this polarized era. It is especially important to protect the physical spaces and personnel that allow our society’s fundamental business, at every level, to be conducted unimpeded. When […]

UL 752 Vs. NIJ Standards: Comparing Different Bullet Resistant Standards

Materials and devices used in physical security installations — from guard sheds to teller windows, blast resistant doors and walls, to bullet resistant glass — are only as good as the standards that determine the bulletproof levels of those products. In the broadest sense, a standard provides requirements, specifications, guidelines or characteristics designed to ensure […]

Fortify Your Security: Grants Available for Enhancement Projects

Non-profit organizations including schools, places of worship and community centers see large numbers of people pass through their doors every day. Keeping those people safe is of the utmost importance. Fortunately, if you want to upgrade the security of your facility, there are a number of grant programs at the federal, state and municipal levels […]

Safeguarding Schools: Enhancing Security with Bullet Proof Products

The need for physical security at schools has never been greater. With these institutions facing a wide range of threats both natural and manmade, how can schools improve safety and security for students and staff? Fortunately, U.S. Bullet Proofing offers an answer in the form of our comprehensive range of security doors, windows, wall armor […]

What Is Spalling In Ballistic Glass And Why Is It Important?

Protecting your property and the people within means knowing as much about what you use to defend them as possible. Although bullet-resistant glazing offers a much higher degree of protection from ballistics and other threats than standard windows or doors, it is not perfect nor invincible. There are many different levels of resistance, and it’s […]

How Much Does a Bullet Proof Glass System Cost?

When you want to secure your building from threats, a bullet proof glass system is likely to be high on your list of priorities. These specially designed types of glazing are manufactured to absorb the impact of ballistics as well as deter break-ins. This is why these systems can be found in high-risk buildings throughout […]

Installing Bullet Proof Panels: Protect Your Facility Walls & Windows

Building security is more important than ever and much of that effort today is focused on the fortification of the building envelope and incorporating video surveillance, access control and strict building policies that manage visitor access to the building. It’s just as important that the interior of the building be designed with a security vestibule […]

How to Clean Bullet-Resistant Glazing

One of the best things about bullet-resistant glazing is that it offers effective protection from threats that is unnoticeable. When properly cared for, these windows can appear virtually indistinguishable from traditional glass windows and doors. This is true even though this type of glass isn’t really glass at all, but often a type of polycarbonate […]