How Much Does a Bullet Proof Glass System Cost?

When you want to secure your building from threats, a bullet proof glass system is likely to be high on your list of priorities. These specially designed types of glazing are manufactured to absorb the impact of ballistics as well as deter break-ins. This is why these systems can be found in high-risk buildings throughout the world, including banks, schools, embassies and other properties that are frequently targeted by violent crime. However, this level of protection comes at a cost that is understandably higher than typical glass windows or doors. How much does bullet proof glass cost? The answer, as you might expect, depends on several factors. Read on to learn more about what you can expect when pricing out one of these systems.

What Determines the Cost of Bullet Proof Glass?

There are many variables that can influence bullet proof glass prices for your security project. First and foremost is the size of the area that you want to protect. The more glass you will need, the more you can expect to spend. Another important consideration is the level of protection required. Certain types of bullet resistant glazing offer basic security against ballistics, while others are strong enough to resist explosives. This means some systems are sufficient for storefronts or residences, while others are best suited for government offices and financial institutions.

Materials and Pro Installation Affect Cost

It’s also noteworthy that there are four common varieties of bullet resistant glazing — all glass, polycarbonate, glass-clad polycarbonate and solid acrylic. No matter which one you choose, these are precision materials crafted to meet exceptionally strict quality standards. Typically, the level of protection, application and budget will determine the appropriate glazing used for a system. They also require specialized equipment and manufacturing processes, which also influences their cost. When you consider that many types of bullet resistant glazing can be up to several inches thick to provide the maximum protection, especially if an insulated unit is required for energy efficiency requirements, it’s easy to see why these systems can be much more expensive than ordinary glass.

Framing is the next consideration for the cost of your complete bulletproof window system. The glazing will require a robust framing system which can not only support the weight and thickness of the bulkier glass, but also provides the same level of protection required for your building design. The frame may be comprised of steel which is typically heavier, more corrosive, and less expensive or aluminum, which complements the framing system used for today’s modern windows and door systems, nearly half the weight of steel solutions and is corrosion resistant.

Also, bear in mind the expertise required to install these windows and doors in the most effective manner. It takes professionals with a very specific set of skills and experience to handle these specialized types of glass as successfully as possible.

The type of glazing you choose will depend a great deal on your specific needs, which makes it nearly impossible to provide anything but a rough estimate of your expected costs.

Weighing the Costs

Although the price of a bullet proof window system for your property might seem like a lot, there’s no denying that the cost will be worth it. Protecting people and property inside your building can save you money by preventing break-ins and damage caused by vandalism. That’s to say nothing of the peace of mind it provides for those living or working inside the property who will be able to breathe easier knowing there’s an added layer of security.

If you’re looking at adding a bullet resistant glazing system to your building, you need to find a reputable company with the experience necessary to get the most out of the technology. This is why so many choose to work with U.S. Bullet Proofing. Our products are designed and engineered to meet the most exacting standards in the industry, and our in-house team can connect you with experienced contractors who can install them so they will provide the highest levels of security to protect your people and property. To learn more about our services, follow the link or reach out to speak with one of our representatives today.