Benefits Of Bullet Proof Steel, Aluminum & Wood For Security

When it comes to keeping your facility safe from external threats, you have a lot of choices to make. You have to decide which dangers are the most pressing at your location, what level of protection you need, how you’ll secure your property and how aesthetics will play a role in the appropriate solutions for your building. One of the most important considerations when planning your security measures is the materials you’ll use. Ballistic windows and doors are available in many different styles and material options, so it’s a good idea to think about the benefits each one brings before making a decision. Today’s advanced bullet proof systems can blend into your property’s architectural style while still offering security against bullets, explosions, break-in attempts and more. Here are some of the most popular choices and what each one brings to the table.

Bullet Proof Steel

Commonly used for doors and wall armor in high-risk properties such as embassies, banks and courthouses, bullet proof steel offers significant levels of protection. Their effectiveness at stopping bullets make them effective solutions for securing buildings. Wall panels  can be installed relatively easily, especially when done during initial construction because they can be sandwiched between walls. In most cases, they are less than half an inch thick while still capable of stopping bullets. While steel is one of the most effective materials used for protection, it can also be quite heavy which can make the manufacturing, shipping and installation of these solutions more costly and laborious. In addition, using steel for exterior applications, especially those near seawater, can cause rust and can corrode over time. For wall armor, people are more commonly deferring to fiberglass wall panels which are available in different thicknessness to accommodate the various levels of protection that may be required for the building.

Bullet Proof Aluminum

Lightweight but still extremely durable, bullet proof aluminum windows and doors are found in many buildings with high security requirements. These include schools, government offices and financial institutions. One of the key advantages these provide is their versatility. Aluminum is the most common material found in architectural design so they may  fit more easily into a greater number of architectural styles and offer a wide range of finish options.  This means they can be used to create a more aesthetically pleasing façade that doesn’t immediately give away the fact that they are hardened against threats. Their relatively light weight also means assembly in the field is much easier than with other types of materials and aluminum is also non-corrosive to offer long-landing durability against the elements. Aluminum can be fitted into custom extrusions that can offer several advantages including ease of installation, reliability and security enhancements. These custom extrusios allow the aluminum to be reinforced with steel, forming a hybrid solution that leverages the benefits of both kinds of metal to offer the optimum solution for customers. In certain applications, ballistic aluminum framing can be used to create a curtain wall system that features bullet resistant glass at one level and standard glazing at others. This allows an architect the agility to provide the adequate level of security in areas where is required while still balancing an aesthetically cohesive appearance for the entire building that accommodates a slimmer budget.

Bullet Proof Wood

One of the most recent advancements in ballistic materials is the development of densified bullet proof wood. The processes used in its manufacturing give it increased density that is capable of stopping bullets without necessarily deforming on impact. Wood is plentiful and easily sourced, and the wide variety of colors and looks makes it an easy fit into a larger range of looks and styles. However, is more commonly found in interior applications due to its decomposable nature. Many ballistic wood products may also be comprised from a protective ballistic interlayer, such as steel or fiberglass panels, with a laminate wood cover on the exterior to provide a natural wood appearance with the required level of ballistic protection.

U.S. Bullet Proofing Is Your Complete Resource

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