Fortify Your Security: Grants Available for Enhancement Projects

Non-profit organizations including schools, places of worship and community centers see large numbers of people pass through their doors every day. Keeping those people safe is of the utmost importance. Fortunately, if you want to upgrade the security of your facility, there are a number of grant programs at the federal, state and municipal levels that can provide you with some or all of the funding needed to complete such projects, including adding bullet-resistant windows and doors. For instance, the 2020 Department of Justice provided more than $87 million in grants for schools to enhance their security through the School Violence Prevention Program.

If you’re interested in finding federal or state grants to help you with security funding, you can visit to discover a wide range of programs that may be able to help you at your facility. These grants are available in multiple amounts and have various qualifications for application. It’s essential to understand whether your facility or organization meets the qualification guidelines as well as the parameters concerning how the funds may be used. You also need to consider whether these programs can fit your facility’s specific needs.

How you may be able to use a grant depends on the type. These can include funding for building renovations, security counseling, physical security features, emergency planning expenses, and training for staff and/or security contractors. Physical solutions paid for through these grants may include bullet-resistant glazing or systems, surveillance systems, enhanced lighting, fencing, access control systems, visitor management systems, metal detectors or others depending on the type of grant.

You may apply for as many of these grants as you wish, with no limitations. There also is a wealth of information available to assist you found in the “How to Apply for Grants” section of the website. Professional grant services also are available to assist you with the application process and help improve your candidacy for the grants you seek.

It is recommended that you work with your local police or security advisor to complete a risk assessment as a first step. This helps you to determine a comprehensive analysis of your property and its potential vulnerabilities that should be addressed. You will find this to be incredibly helpful in understanding the current level of protection at your property and finding the most beneficial projects for improving its security. Many times, these safety and security measures are more effective as a deterrent than they are at stopping an active threat. However, they still serve a critical role in the overall protection for your property.

As a leader in the development and fabrication of bullet-resistant windows, doors and wall panels for the industries we serve, U.S. Bullet Proofing is ready and able to help you understand your facility’s safety needs. Our experts also can guide you through the process of setting the scope and price tag of your project. We have a wide range of solutions available to secure your property and keep everyone inside it as safe as possible.

Here are some resources to help you find and apply for grants to fund your next security project:

This website is a centralized location for more than 1,000 federal grants for applicants to browse and submit applications.

FEMA — Nonprofit Security Grant Program

More than $180,000,000 in funding is now available to non-profit organizations to secure buildings through physical security enhancements and activities. These programs may require compliance or certification to be eligible which is why U.S. Bullet Proofing offers a line of FEMA certified storm impact windows and doors.

Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance

Here you can search through grants, loans, scholarships and more for recipients in the United States.


This is a comprehensive database and search engine for finding reliable and current grant search information. Note that this is a subscription-based service.

The Foundation Center

Here you’ll find a complete database of funding opportunities in the United States and around the world.

This is another great resource available that will help identify funding opportunities to help enhance safety in schools. There are a variety of Federal grant programs listed on the site based on school safety topic, award amount, application level and more.

SIA Grant Security Funding Resource (for SIA members)

This resource is only available for members of the Security Industry Association (SIA) but includes access to grant programs available for a variety of applications that are interesting in fortifying their security.