Installing Bullet Proof Panels: Protect Your Facility Walls & Windows

Building security is more important than ever and much of that effort today is focused on the fortification of the building envelope and incorporating video surveillance, access control and strict building policies that manage visitor access to the building.

It’s just as important that the interior of the building be designed with a security vestibule or some sort of secure entrance that not only provides the means to qualify and control user access, but also protects the inhabitants on the inside of the building. Most buildings will begin with a bullet resistant reception window, such as a baffle window (or bandit barrier) or ticket window, but what about the walls surrounding that reception window? These are typically enforced with wall armor or bullet resistant panels, hidden behind the exterior of the wall, providing protection which prevents projectiles from reaching the secure side of the wall.

While these products are not complicated or technical in nature, it is important that a few considerations be taken into account to ensure provide the desired protection for your building.  Even if you do your homework and find the bullet-resistant panels that are right for protecting your location, that still may not be enough. In addition to selecting the proper size and level of protection, you also need to make sure you have the right source to provide installation. If your bulletproof panels are not installed correctly, you could put your business at risk.  Bullet-resistant panels that aren’t installed in the right way could mean you won’t get the protection you need. The people inside your property won’t be as safe as you think they are.

The Proper Protocols for Installing Bullet-Resistant Panels

The first step to proper installation is hiring professionals who have the right experience. The best time to have these panels installed is while your building is being constructed, although retrofitting your property still can be effective if your installer follows the right protocols:

  • All joints should be flush, with no gaps between the panels. Corners should be as tight as possible, with the edges overlapping instead of simply having them touch.
  • Wherever multiple panels meet, batten strips cut from full sheets of bullet-resistant materials should be layered over the joints.
  • The panels and the wall plate should be separated from the wall plate by the wall studs.
  • Paneling should be installed with the full load resting securely against slabs.


Installing during construction is recommended because it’s the best way to ensure it will be fully and properly integrated into your building. It also means the process will be much easier than if you were to retrofit paneling into an existing structure.

It’s also important to note that bullet-resistant panels are available in varying levels of protection according to the UL 752 standards. This means it is necessary to take the time to research your options and choose the level of security that makes the most sense for your business.

If you know the dimensions of your project, the panels can be ordered pre-cut to the size required. This will reduce the time and labor to cut these panels while streamlining and expediting your construction schedule. The full-size panels can also be ordered in 3’, 4’ and 5’ widths x 8’, 9’ and 10’ heights and cut on site using typical carpentry tools with a diamond grit blade.

The installation of bullet-resistant paneling around your business’ windows, walls, or transaction systems is one of the most important steps you can take to protect your employees and guests. However, it needs to be performed carefully and by trained professionals who understand the requirements. As long as the installer you choose follows the proper steps and pays attention to the details, you should be able to gain the security you need.

Choose U.S. Bullet Proofing

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