Bullet Proof Glass For Convenience Store Security

Convenience stores aren’t convenient only for shoppers looking to quickly pick up a few things. Like gas stations, convenience stores are high-traffic, easy-in, easy-out establishments. Both gas stations and convenience stores tend to be staffed by few employees, open at odd hours and maintain operations that are still largely cash-based while being stocked with easily carried merchandise, making them inviting targets for armed robberies, smash-and-grab theft and looters.

According to the FBI, in 2021 convenience stores ranked fourth among known locations for violent crimes, trailing only homes, public thoroughfares and parking garages or lots. Gas stations were close behind, checking in at number six.

That’s why property owners and managers are increasingly turning to bullet proof glass for convenience stores and gas stations as a way to protect their employees, customers and property.

The Benefits of Bullet Proof Glass

Bullet proof glass in convenience stores and gas stations, particularly where employees interact with the public, serves as an announcement to potential wrongdoers that security has been considered and invested in at your establishment, and may extend beyond visible measures. Thus, bullet proof glass is an excellent deterrent.

In these three essential configurations, bullet proof glass can mean everything in terms of protection for employees, customers and property:

Transaction windows

Transaction windows or booths around cash register areas are increasingly common in convenience stores and gas stations, creating a secure point of sale that safeguards employees, cash and select merchandise. Pass-throughs such as drawers and trays further diminish the risk of harm to employees.

Further, should a robber try to enter the secure area or commit crimes in the facility’s public spaces, an employee will have time to react appropriately — contacting police, seeking cover, etc. — in relative safety.

Storefront windows

In rioting and looting situations, large glass storefront windows frequently are smashed and turned into a gateway for thieves and vandals. Bullet proof glass can also be made to thwart forced entry attempts and even protect against explosions.

Customers and merchandise alike can be protected by bullet proof storefront windows, which can be easily adapted for existing configurations and tinted to control visibility and greenhouse effect.

Let U.S. Bullet Proofing Protect Your Interests

Ultimately, your business is only viable if customers and employees feel safe and your merchandise is protected from theft and damage. Whether you need to upgrade your storefront windows, install transaction windows and drawers, or all of the above, U.S. Bullet Proofing can supply the products that provide the sense of well-being you and your customers need while serving as a deterrent to would-be criminals. Contact us today for answers to all your questions and the solutions you need.