Bullet Proof School Safety Best Practices

Schools should be sanctuaries where students only need be concerned with their education. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. School buildings have become some of the most frequent targets for mass violence, making security one of the highest priorities for educators. Creating a safe environment for learning requires numerous approaches, from strict protocols for visitors to educating students about what to do during an active shooter incident.

There are many types of threats that can put school staff and the student body at risk. However, there are just as many methods and techniques that can be employed to keep them safe and prevent tragedy. A school security plan must contain a multifaceted approach to help ensure the best chances for success. With that in mind, here are examples of best practices for school safety.

Effective Facility Design

Older buildings may not feature them, but most modern schools have entry vestibules that can be an effective means of controlling visitors. Upon entering the first set of doors, a visitor is kept in the vestibule until he or she is cleared by administration, at which point the inner doors can be unlocked through remote control. The use of fire doors that can be closed and locked from the inside is another good way to prevent intruders from accessing the entire building.

Ballistic Protection

Even if an armed individual is not allowed access into the building, that may not prevent an attack from outside the property with ballistic weapons. This is why the use of bullet proof glass for schools can be another useful strategy for security. Made with advanced materials that absorb the impact of bullets and slow them down to delay their destruction for as long as possible, these bullet proof windows for schools provide one of the best ways to prevent violent attacks.

They buy precious minutes that allow for law enforcement and emergency responders to arrive on the scene before any further harm can come to the building or those inside. Fortifying school buildings with these materials also gives students and faculty time to secure themselves in hiding places or safe zones.

Surveillance Monitoring

Having a system of cameras installed in and around school grounds can be another important way to fortify campuses. Being able to see what’s going on in every hallway and classroom from a centralized location gives administrators and security professionals a clear view of threats before they have an opportunity to impact students’ safety. Keeping recordings of security incidents also make it easier to prosecute individuals and identify any areas where improvements to security protocols need to be made.

Improved Student Outreach

In many cases, threats to school safety come from students. Mental health concerns and interpersonal problems between students can lead to some dire situations if they are not properly managed. In addition to establishing clear rules about bullying, it’s a good idea to encourage students to seek help if they feel angry, isolated or threatened. Having someone they can trust and confide in often can be the difference between young people being overwhelmed by problems and overcoming them.

These are just some ideas for improving security in and around school properties. When it comes to securing these facilities through the use of bullet-resistant windows and doors, U.S. Bullet Proofing has a wide range of solutions. Our products are designed, engineered and manufactured to meet the most stringent security standards. They protect against a wide range of threats — including ballistic weapons, explosives and even severe weather events.

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Here are a few helpful resources for helping to plan security and safety in your school.

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